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The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz ***Updated 9/16/2013 with tidbits from Tiffany Reisz’ September 14, 2013 book signing*** (My SPOILERFREE Review of The Mistress, including a critique of all the series' Audiobooks, follows at the bottom)

Tiffany Reisz's September 14, 2013 Book Signing

I told Tiffany that she wasn’t to move from Lexington, KY and that she had to stay in my vicinity forever. I think it was at least her 3rd booksigning in my city, in just this year alone.

- As I suspected, a book titled ‘The Priest’ about a Priest in love with an underaged girl was too much for one publisher to handle. They absolutely refused to carry it under that name. Hence the name change. Tiffany gave her publisher a list of acceptable alternatives and The Saint book signing in Lexington, KY. She was excited as her own book, an erotic novella, was soon to be published, but she was there first and foremost as a fellow fan...and now Lorelei is putting quotes like, "I worship at the altar of Tiffany Reisz!" on her books...Get in line, Hunny! *g*

No WAY am I doing a plot summery on this one, or spoiling the jaw-dropping secret of Soren, but come the fuck on, who hasn't read [b:The Siren|10970532|The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)|Tiffany Reisz||15888570] yet? Go rectify that, immediately!

For me, my favorite moments throughout the entire Red Years quartet are the flashback scenes of Nora and Soren in 'The White Years'...and right off the bat, The Mistress opens with his jailhouse discussion with fifteen year old Nora, and I'm already, just a few pages in, remembering why I love this series so damn much. The White Years flashbacks are also why this doesn't even feel like a series conclusion to me, because what I'm waiting for the most...what I can't even thinking about without turning into a ridiculous puddle of *squee* [b:The Saint|16117368|The Saint (The Original Sinners, #5)|Tiffany Reisz|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|23748241]. If I'm being honest, I get a little lightheaded just thinking about it. It's going to be the death of me :)

Back to The Mistress, I really loved how the intricate dynamics of the Nora/Soren/Kingley relationship are fully explained. "Soren couldn't live in a world without Nora. Kingley couldn't live in a world without Soren. Her death would be like the sinking of a great ship. She would take them all down with her." Their SCENE together?!? *deep breath* Talk about scorching HAWT!

If I could change anything about this story, it would be less villian and more Soren. I wanted more Nora/Soren time, but knowing The Saint is coming helps me a lot~

Without getting spoilery, I loved the ending. I thought it was bold and unconventional, and it's exactly what I've come to expect from Tiffany. I think it's certainly left room for additional stories...The Black Years anyone? LOL! :)

This criticism is for the publisher...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please PLEASE STOP changing the narrator for every book! I loved the narrator for The Siren. That Soren was sexy as hell. I wasn't happy about the change in narrator for The Angel - that Soren narration was probably my least favorite of the series. That Nora also took some getting used to. The Prince narrator often lacked voice inflection. I actually seriously thought it was a computer on a few occasions...but despite that, I preferred this narrator's Soren and Kingley to the predecessor. In fact, I think the french accent on The Prince's Kingley was pretty spectacular. With The Mistress, I preferred this narrator's Wesley to The Siren's Wesley. And I preferred The Mistress' Soren to The Angel's Soren, but not The Siren's Soren. And I preferred The Siren's Nora to The Mistress' Nora.....Bottom line? This switching narrators for each book is yoyo-ing me around and driving me bat shit crazy. Please find someone fantastic and stick with them for the 4 upcoming White Years books. This series is worthy of that.

Other favorite things/quotes I absolutely loved:
-The explanation of how Soren came up with Nora's nickname, "Little One."
-The discussion of the monetary motivations for celibacy in the Church
-"You were in love, not stupid. They're two very different diseases with identical symptoms." - Grace
-"Our Nora has a magic pussy. It's the opposite of the Bermuda Triangle. Lost men sail into it and then find themselves." - Kingley
-"I knelt at his feet because I felt like that's where I belonged. And no, not because I was so unworthy of him, but because he was so utterly worthy of my devotion." - Nora