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Burned - Karen Marie Moning Fever Series Scoop from Karen Marie Moning's June 22, 2013 Sarasota, Florida Fan Event

One of my book besties is at Karen Marie Moning's "Maniac" fan gathering in Sarasota, Florida RIGHT NOW. During the Q&A, Ms. Moning told the crowd that Dani won't be 14 for much longer - she will be 17 in Burned! YAAAY!

Now this is me, not KMM talking: This is a DARK FANTASY fictional world so basically?...RYODAN CAN GET ON THAT! And I am dying for some Ryodan/Dani hooking up, ok? :) Deal with it.

Additional Updates from June 22, 2013: (YAY! girlfriend texted me more deets)

-We will learn more about Dancer. Dancer is NOT a part of the Unseelie King.

-We will learn more about the Nine, but the Nine will NOT be paired up like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series with books for each of them.

-We will get Mac's POV in Burned. KMM has TWO versions of Burned right now. She's trying to decide how she wants it to go. SHE PLANS TO WRITE 2 MORE MAC BOOKS AFTER DANI'S TRILOGY IS OVER, but those plans could change. The last 2 Dani books and 2 Mac books may get combined into 2 books....Then she may write 3 more Fever books...Depending on which way KMM goes in Burned, "we may get 4 more Fever books or 7 more Fever books."

(Huh????? I'm so bloody confused, lol - We're getting more Mac books? :) I didn't know but apparently my girlfriend already did. That's awesome!! But still, this "combo" book talk raises questions for me: Will the next two Mac books take place during the last two Dani books, but from Mac's POV? Well, no matter WHAT, I know the books are going to kick ass and be awesome and I'm ready to go where KMM takes me)

Had to talk it out with friends and work out the math:
--"We may get 4 more Fever books" - means the 2 final books in Dani's trilogy (Burned and Flayed) PLUS 2 new Mac books
--"Or we may get 7 more Fever books" - means the 2 final books in Dani's trilogy (Burned and Flayed) PLUS 2 new Mac books PLUS the "I may write 3 more Fever books" KMM mentioned today" <---We don't have any indication yet as to the H/h for those 3 <i>additional
Fever books she's contemplating.

-KMM won't say when Dani loses her V card!

-More of Mac AND Barrons in Burned.

-Someone in the audience asked KMM when she would free Cruce. KMM responded, "When would you like me to?" :)

-KMM asked the reader attendees why everyone was so pissed off about Jo and Ryodan. One person answered, "We're jealous!" another answered, "Jo's not good enough!" KMM responded by saying something like "ALL of us aren't good enough, but which one of you would say no to Ryodan?" Then an older women (maybe about 65 years old) at one of the tables raised her hand and said if Ryodan is waiting for Dani, he should not be cheating at all (not just with Jo), and then the women added "I want my shot with Ryodan!!" LOLOL!

-KMM will not be at Dragoncon 2013 (my girlfriend asked since KMM was originally slated for it in 2012). And KMM is also a "no" for RT 2014 in Nola (Darn! I was hoping on that one). She's asking for a year off.

Update June 24, 2013: (My girlfriend remembered a few additional tidbits from Saturday's event)

-Movie option for the Fever series has expired, but KMM is happy about that. She would rather have a Fever television series and have more control. She cited Game of Thrones as a good example of book-to-television. She also mentioned that TrueBlood has veered far off from Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series and how that’s something she would not want to happen with her Fever series.

-KMM also said she is not signing any more contracts. She hates being under deadline. She wants to put out a great story.

-A women in the audience asked KMM if men were intimidated by her. A man in the audience shouted “NO!” :)

(Me: George R.R. Martin and Charlaine Harris’ have very different contracts with HBO. Charlaine Harris is not a TrueBlood producer or writer, and she’s repeatedly stated in interviews that HBO doesn’t tell her how to write her books, and she doesn’t tell HBO how to write TrueBlood. In contrast, GRRM is a Game of Thrones producer and writer…which explains why the adaption is unparalleled and, in my opinion, television at its absolute finest. Author control of a film adaption a la E.L. James can happen, but I think E.L.’s background as a television producer was very helpful in maneuvering through Hollywood and demanding nothing less than what she wanted. And P.S.? I think hiring Sam Taylor-Johnson as the Fifty Shades Director was kind of brilliant)