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Truth (Finding Anna #3) - Sherri Hayes

I could be...rejected for every single subsequent title I request on NetGalley this year...And I Would. Not. Care...Why? Because I read Truth early and nothing, absolutely nothing else matters! Finding Anna is the most crack-a-licious, absorbing, and addictive BDSM romantica series that I'm currently following. I was shouting when I got approved and immediately texting my fellow Stephan/Brianna fan-girlfriends screenshots of my email...That's how bad I wanted it, because that's how much this series f**king Rocks. Thank you so much, TWCS!

In Truth, Stephan is still the controlled and s...*now my eyes are totally glazed over just THINKING about this man*...As I was trying to say :) Stephan is still the controlled and sexy Master, and it's not just in the bedroom. It's 24/7. And it's also in Stephan's interactions with his family and the employees at his non-profit organization. He lives and breathes it and he just IS. I hang on Stephan's every word, even during his conversations with secondary characters. It's a testament to Hayes' skill with characterization.

Holy Hot Hell do things heat up with Stephan and Brianna! Remember the wrecked, traumatized girl that went comatose - literally - at the sight of Stephan's erection, or at his heated stares??? GONE! :) It's a great place to be in their relationship. Brianna now knows she's Stephan's slave, by choice, and he's expanding her boundaries...but he wants and needs to take things further. It's who he is. And you feel that tension just under the surface of this entire book. Brianna is far from emotionally healed, and she may never be after having suffered 10 months of involuntary slavery & sexual torture, but she is getting progressively better with book. 'Truth' Brianna gets disappointed and thinks something's wrong if Stephan doesn't take her every night *grin* And yet, she's so damaged that even the thought of a Brazilian wax causes her fear and anxiety because even that act has been perverted by her former sadistic Master. Some of Stephan and Brianna's closest family and friends are aware of her torture at the hands of Ian, and of Stephan's need for physical sexual sadism. Needless to say, they're horrified by the relationship, especially when it becomes quite clear it's a sexual one. Will Brianna be capable of fully meeting Stephan's needs? Or will simply being with Brianna be enough for him? Or will that leave him feeling incomplete? These are the questions that plagued me and kept me on edge.

Things are further complicated with the appearance of Brianna's father, whom she feels is responsible for her kidnapping, and Stephan's efforts to get her former Master Ian indicted.

All issues are entwined and lead to a shocking conclusion...There I was, initially chastising a character's actions, thinking I had the book ending totally predicted...then *BAM!!*...I should have seen it coming and I LOVED it and where she's taking this series for it's final installment next year. Yes, that's right - Fear not Stephan and Brianna fans - this series is a Quartet. I had a chance to speak with Hayes earlier this month. This is a 4 book series and we will not have to wait as long for it's conclusion. She hopes to publish it by early June 2014, in time for the Reader Author Get Together Con. I think 4 books is the right number. Brianna was such a emotional & physical mess in [b:Slave|11690138|Slave (Finding Anna #1)|Sherri Hayes||16636791] and her progression in both areas has felt very real and perfectly paced. I'm so happy this series dedicates a majority of its pages to the progression of the relationship with plenty of H/h time. That aspect is what I'm anticipating most in the upcoming conclusion.

My personal history with the Finding Anna series
I first became intrigued with this series when I randomly had breakfast with Hayes at the 2012 Reader Author Get Together. We were among the last stragglers making our way downstairs on the very last morning of the Con...I love BDSM romance - You write it - Awesome! Let's eat and chat! :) We talked about her writing process for [b:Slave|11690138|Slave (Finding Anna #1)|Sherri Hayes||16636791] and the extensive detail and care that went into some of the scenes. She reached out to people in the BDSM community - sometimes messaging back and forth into the wee hours of the morning - to get the dynamics of even a Dom to Dom conversation in the presence of a slave correct. Remember Stephan's interactions with Ian and Brianna when he was purchasing her? That was the result of one of Hayes' late night convos. Well, I'd heard enough. Aftewards, I totally stalked Hayes into the parking lot after breakfast (but she said it was okay!)...and I had her open her packed luggage to sell me a copy of Slave. It was just one of those situations where you have a gut feeling and you KNOW...'I'm going to love it.' And I've been having a fantastic ride, doing group reads on this series ever since.

ARC provided by The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House (TWCS) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.