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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I just read this in the FAQ section of McGuire's website and cheered *grin*

Isn’t Beautiful Disaster a little racy to be classified as Young Adult?

Yes, that is why it is classified as contemporary romance. Beautiful Disaster is “rated” by the author as mature for strong language and sexual content, and is recommended for ages 17+.

Update: April 12, 2013

I finally read Beautiful Disaster and finished it just in the nick of time for Jamie McGuire’s signing event in my home state last night. I need to finally go ahead and create a blog JUST so I have a friggin’ place to stash my signing posts! :) With all my author stalking/signing groupie ways, it’s time. For now, I’m shoving it here, into this review :)

I started Beautiful Disaster on ebook but finished it on audiobook because pretty early on, I realized I couldn’t bear to stop reading for activities that didn’t lend well to holding a book in my hand. And despite knowing that I was going to also fork over $$ to get the paperback for the upcoming signing…I didn’t care. This book was so consuming in the very best way! Extra bonus was that Beautiful Disaster’s narrator is someone that I’m familiar with and already love: Emma Galvin, the narrator for Veronica Roth’s uber popular [b:Divergent|13335037|Divergent (Divergent, #1)|Veronica Roth||13155899] series.

At last night’s Walking Disaster signing and Q&A event in Dayton, Ohio, I told Jamie McGuire that I was constantly going back and forth over which Beautiful Disaster character was more fucked up; that her book took me on SUCH an emotional roller-coaster that it made me nauseous; and that it’s been awhile since I’ve been this affected by a book and I loved every minute of it…“You make me sick!” – I exclaimed, obviously joking! She responded “I LOVE that!”

-On why she had Travis give Abby the nickname Pigeon/Pidge? Jamie took it from Lady and the Tramp – Tramp nicknames Lady Pigeon/Pidge in the movie. She really liked it so she incorporated it into Beautiful Disaster (One of my friends at the signing really wanted an answer on this one because she considered pigeons the rats of the bird world *g*)

-Warner Brothers has optioned the movie. If they don’t make the movie within a specified amount of time, another studio can purchase the rights or WB can pay addition $$ to hold onto the rights for a longer period of time. The screenplay is being written right now. The expected completion date for the 1st draft of the screenplay is May 2013.

-Jamie envisions the really hot actor that played one of the Seal Team Six members in the film Zero Dark Thirty as Travis Maddox (Jamie MUST be referring to actor Taylor Kinney!!)

-The producer for the film adaption of Beautiful Disaster is Donald De Line, whose credits include I Love You Man, Green Lantern, and Michael Bay’s latest, Pain and Gain. (Hmm…I actually don’t like this news at all…Why did WB put an action film guy on this?...And I think everyone knows about how awful Green Lantern. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see and hope for the best! Don’t screw this up, WB! *shakes-fist*)

-When asked about more books in this series, Jamie said she will be writing books for Travis’ brothers. Travis & Abby will have cameos in their books. The order for the books (WHICH IS A SPOILER IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BEAUTIFUL DISATER, SO STOP READING THIS COMMENT IF YOU HAVEN’T)…. is as follows: Trent & Cammy (we meet Cammy in Walking Disaster) will be 1st. Thomas 2nd. And the twins will be 3rd and 4th.

-Jamie was in X-ray school while writing Beautiful Disaster. She actually wrote while in class, and in the evenings, but she still had awesome grades. Last year, with the movie deal and success of her books, and her desire to not be around X-ray machinery while pregnant if she didn’t have to be, she quit that line of work and became a full-time writer. Her husband became her business manager. Jamie believes you always need a Plan B/backup plan, so despite all her success (Walking Disaster is #1 on the New York Times and USA Today), she still keeps up with X-Ray continuing education classes. Smart woman!

-When asked about her favorite book bookfriend/hero from another author’s book, Jamie responded that it was the Twilight series’ Edward Cullen.

-Beautiful Disaster’s original name, as she was writing it, was “Red Flag,” but after hearing Kelly Clarkson’s song ‘Beautiful Disaster,’ Jamie thought “This is SO Travis!” and changed the title.

-Jamie also thanks Kelly Clarkson for the title “Walking Disaster” – she picked that up from the lyrics to her song, ‘You Can’t Win’

-In explanation of the Beautiful Disaster cover, Jamie says the cover artist gave a very literal translation of the title. Butterflies are beautiful. A butterfly in a closed jar is a beautiful disaster.

- Where does she come up with these names, like America, Brazil, Shepherd? Those 3 names are names of Jamie’s real friends. If you didn’t catch it while reading the book, Brazil was actually the last name of the character Brazil. Jamie told her friend Shepherd she would name her 1st born son after him. She had 2 daughters, so named her character after him instead.

-In response to the question, “How much of Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster is based upon your own personal experience?” Jamie laughed “More than I’ll EVER admit to!”...She did admit that in college, the football team actually threw Jamie’s birthday party, kind of like Abby’s.

-Jamie’s hubby and baby girl attended the signing with her :)