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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz I think I first met Tiffany Reisz in the fall of 2010. She was another fan, like me, excited for a Lorelei James signing in Lexington, KY....But she was also a soon-to-be published author with Seven Day Loan's release just months away. The gorgeous bookcover and Tiffany’s exuberant personality lured me in, so I marked it on Goodreads and waited for its release, not knowing what to expect. Seven Day Loan sucked me in quickly and gave me my first taste of Eleanor (soon to be “Nora Sutherlin”) and Tiffany’s witty, intelligent dialogue. I was certainly excited to try more and eagerly antipating the release of The Siren but....

NOTHING could have prepared me for the brilliance that is THE SIREN.

It’s a total game-changer for the erotic fiction genre. The breadth of her knowledge. Her way with words.....It’s the kind of writing that will have you telling yourself...“I could never write like this.” She’s simply that good. I’ve been reading romantica with BDSM elements since ’06, but I’m a newbie to the erotic fiction with BDSM genre (just a few years). IMHO, Tiffany Reisz is right at the top, next to my other favs like Kitty Thomas. I own The Siren in ebook, audiobook and paperback and I’ll do the same for every one of these addictive Original Sinners stories.

Loved loved the setup. Nora Sutherlin, a popular bdsm erotica writer that also engages in bdsm off the page, has several HUGE secrets she would like to keep from the publishing world. Nora knows the latest novel, The Consolation Prize, is something special...Not like the other books she’s published. Something truly deserving of a top respected publishing house and the very toughest, most talented editor they can give her. And enters Zachary Easton. Sexy, British and very reluctant about being assigned to what he considers “pornography.” As Nora and Zack begin to work together, and he tries to resist being seduced, you fall for not only them, but the couple in the book they’re working on: Caroline and William. You get just a few snippets from The Consolation Prize, but they’re powerful and devastating, especially as Nora has made it clear from the start Caroline and William don’t belong together and the story is about their breakup.

*LeSigh* The character of Søren...Nora’s former Master who is clearly still in love with her. One of the most delicious and forbidden characters you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading about. I saw romance readers spoiling the secret of Søren all over Twitter, but I’m not going to do that. Even when you should have read this book by now - what rock are you living under? But I can say that Søren had the most jaw-dropping, shocking entrance of a character in a book. Ever. The line of popular joke is used to announce Søren's entrance into his first scene, and it took me a moment to realize it wasn't a joke! :) Bravo to Tiffany for going there. For not only Søren, but for all the other “taboo” elements that made this book rock.

Just as the story of Caroline and William, Nora’s characters, begins to break your heart and rip you apart, so too does the dilemena of Nora/Søren, Nora/Zach and woman Zach left behind in London. Add to the mix the love between Nora and her gorgeous, young virginal roomate Wesley, and equally intriguing supporting characters, like Griffin and Kingley - both of whom will have a stronger presence in the Original Sinners books to come.

The flashbacks scenes with Nora and Søren...*Pause - I just literally had to wipe my eyes after reminiscing for a few moments*....for the people that have read The Siren, can you BELIEVE we’re going to get a whole entire book about them? One of the books in this series will be a prequel where we see Søren fall in love with a very young Nora. Their flashbacks in The Siren were hot and intense....even the scene at the police station where he’s just LOOKING at young Nora in handcuffs...and the uniforn...and you know what’s on Søren’s mind...What’s coming. That book, whenever its released, may be the death of me *fans-self*

For The Siren's audiobook, I thought the narrator did a fantastic job. My only quibble would be Wesley's voice - the country twang was a little too strong for my personal preference, but aside from that, I really loved everyone else.

Believe the hype - there’s a reason why nearly every romance blogger has given this 5 stars, why nearly everyone is calling it the book of the year, why even bloggers that were challenged and uncomfortable by some of the material worked through their reluctancy and completely fell hard for this incredible story.

There’s also the added intrigue of the parallels between the heroine of The Siren, Nora Sutherlin, and The Siren’s author, Tiffany Reisz. Both petite brunettes, open about their love of the bdsm lifestyle. Both daring, entertaining as hell (if you don’t follow Tiffany on Twitter, you need to), and immensely talented. And of course, they share the same email address *grin*

This quote from The Siren sums up the awesomeness of the book itself: Zach is having a discussion with his boss about how Nora is capable of more substance than sex in her writing...

“If she did it, she could set the world on fire, and she wouldn’t even need a candle.”

And that’s exactly what Tiffany Reisz has done.

Favorite Quotes from The Siren

Nora describing The Consolation Prize to Wesley:
“It’s kind of a love story. Not my usual boy-meets-girl, boy-beats-girl story.”

Zach: “Have you considered going a more mainstream route with your characters?"
"I like virgins, perverts and whores," Nora said without apology. "I couldn't care less about the people who just fuck for fun on weekends."

Griffin to Zach: “Real sadists don’t need to fuck. They need to fuck you up.”

And the one that ripped this Søren fangirl into two:
”...But you made me wait until I was twenty.”
Søren inhaled slowly. “That was my mistake”
“Miracles do happen. You just admitted to a mistake. What was your mistake? Not fucking me sooner?”
“It was my mistake--”
he turned and met her eyes “--thinking we had all the time in the world.”