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Where She Went - Gayle Forman This is one of those stories…where you’re only 30 or so pages in….and you just know with absolute conviction that it’s going to make its way onto your favorites shelf. This. Was. Everything I could have hoped for in the If I Stay sequel - Hell, any sequel! It was beautifully written, haunting, emotional and deeply satisfying. I mean….just every single clichéd adjective you can think of. I did not want to leave the characters when Where She Went concluded – I desperately wanted more of their amazing story that has pretty much shamed nearly every other YA or YA romance I’ve ever read.

If you have not read If I Stay (If I Stay, Book 1), stop reading this review right now. Trust me. I would not even glance at the book summary for Where She Went until I finished If I Stay, and I’m very happy with that decision. And go get If I Stay and get with the program!! ;)

Where She Went picks up 3 years after the ending of If I Stay, and as the Goodreads summary indicates, Mia completed physical therapy in Oregon, accepted the admissions into Juilliard, dumped Adam, and never looked back. Adam Wilde is now a bona fide rock star – a singer, guitarist and main songwriter for his Oregon –rooted band, The Shooting Stars. But Adam is in every way an absolute mess. Tension with his bandmates. Anxiety issues. A shell of a relationship with his celebrity girlfriend…He is on the edge. It may have inspired his best material, but Mia’s breakup, and the manner in which it was done, had lasting, devastating effects on Adam. And God did I love being in his head. I was really excited when I read this would be in Adam’s POV. How many times have you read a romance and wished the author would give you some of the guy’s POV? Another brilliant move by Gayle Forman.

It is in this messed up condition that Adam encounters Mia in her new home, and one of my personal favorites: New York City. The awkwardness, the emotions, seeing Mia only through Adams interpretation - this was SO great to read for me, and with the NYC descriptions, I felt like I was there again. On a chance encounter the night before their careers are about to move them in very different directions, they go on this journey – throughout one evening and well into the morning hours – of Mia’s favorite places in the city. Through flashbacks, we get to see some of Adam and Mia’s past relationship through his eyes as well as Adam’s struggles in the last 3 years. Through their conversation during Mia’s NYC night tour :) you get to learn about what tore them apart and how Mia has become the young woman she is now.

I got all the answers I wanted and everything made sense. Their love? This story? How the book ended? Perfect, powerful and everything I hoped for. This story reads like a series conclusion, but I wanted more and was saddened to be done. My Goodreads girlfriend Brandy was SO right – this blew me away, brought tears to my eyes and I loved it even more than book 1.