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Without Fear (With or Without, #5) - J.L. Langley Yes! Sterling and Rhys are #5! And I'll take a possible release date over no release date. One of the 2 short story snippets for this couple (Available on J.L. Langley's official website) - the one where Sterling shows up to spend the night - is very hot! And the teaser is free - gotta love that.

update: July 2010
Darn - based on the 6/29/10 update on Langley's website, it looks like we're waiting until mid 2011, at least, for this one...I hope we get some additional Rhys/Sterling short stories to tie us over :(

Update: April 2012
*STEAMING-MAD* As you can see, my last update was nearly 2 years ago, in 2010...and apparently, I missed a majorly f**king ridiculous announcement in March of 2011, listed as a small footnote on the author's blog post: Sterling & Rhys story will no longer be #5. I have NEVER ever come across an author promising readers that a couple would be Book #whatever, and even update their blog to post the progress on said book, and then say, due to "timeline" issues, the next book is actually going to be about someone else. I'm just not buying it. I feel mislead & jerked around and I tend to agree with "Bookwatcher ~Mary MooCow~" take regarding this delay:
I wasn't going to quit the series after Sterling and Rhys if that's the reason for this delay...but now I'm so frustrated, I don't think I can stomach reading about Bambi - the new star of book #5 :(