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Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas MIND…IS…BLOWN

Let me start with the “About the Author” found on the very last page:
“Kitty Thomas writes dark erotic fiction that explores the psychology of ownership. She believes there is no topic too taboo to write about and that fiction isn’t meant to teach morality. If you haven’t developed morals by the time you start reading erotica, it’s probably too late.”

Oh yes, this book is a dark and delicious mind f*ck. The best of its kind that I’ve ever encountered and it’s absolutely going on my “favorite” shelf, despite the past few days of, “Oh, are you really going to put yourself out there by ‘favoriting’ this book?” that’s been floating around in my head…But to hell with that because this book is so worthy. Countless times throughout this book, you keep telling yourself, “OMG, this is SO f*cked up…and so am I for loving it.” After having this lendable Nookbook sitting on my ereader for months, I loaned it to a friend who sent me numerous texts as she was reading. I’ve never included text messages in a review before, but I’ve just got to, because she was cracking me up, and you’ll better understand why I had to move this book to the top of the TBR mountain and yank back my Nookbook before the 14 day loan period even expired. So here are my girlfriend’s texts, in all their fangirling glory:

Sat 2:06 a.m.
“Just finished Comfort Food. WHAT…THE F*CK!! Read it in 4 hours. This b*tch has me fucked up! Crazy book. Erotic, but I feel dirty for being turned on by it!”
Sat 8:38 a.m.
“Girl!!!!! Have you read it yet???”
Sat 8:42 a.m.
“Let me tell you….!!! Mmmm mmmm mmmm ….It totally has me f*cked in the head. I’m going to a coffee shop later & I’m tempted to read it again.”
Sat 12:43 p.m.
“Quickly & frustratingly learning that I shouldn’t stray far from home & bed *wink*when reading certain novels.”

That’s right. She was getting too aroused at the coffee shop and had to stop.

After reading a few Comfort Food reviews when it first starting getting buzz, I knew I’d like it. And I knew I didn’t want it spoiled for me. Is she an actual kidnap victim, there against her will? Or is this just some sort of BDSM game they’re playing? That question has now been answered by the disclaimer in the Goodreads book description above. And it’s also crystal clear by line one: she’s been kidnapped. Forreals.

I really don’t want to give too many details on the actual story. You need to go in blind like I did and just trust that much of the suspense comes from not knowing. And my feelings with this story – the shock, arousal, guilt, submission, acceptance - mimicked the heroine’s journey. Everything that happens is, in the Master’s mind, “by choice”…but not really…but then yes…Really. But wait a minute, how could it be? She shouldn’t be wanting this – it’s all his fault…and am I really rooting for what I’m rooting an HEA?? Yes, I did. And did I get the HEA I wanted? I’ll say no more. Find out for yourself.

This is a well-written, riveting, sexy dark psychological journey. It is the kind of book that would make you follow an author forever. I wanted to immediately re-read upon finishing it.

I’ll end with a few review quotes that captured this book so perfectly:
My Goodreads buddy Cat Russel~Addicted2Heroines~:
“I am ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed this book. It’s just wrong! It’s dark, degrading and twisted…and I would absolutely read it again!”

And Goodreads member, Jaymzangel, discussing her frantic texts to the buddy that recommended Comfort Food to her:
“I give kudos to Bear for reading it & not having anyone to OMG to because I was IM’ing her like crazy with things like, ‘I think I need to have my head examined. I’m finding this so hot.’ to which she replied (perfectly, of course) ‘he has you, doesn’t he?’ oh yes, he did.”

Yes…he has me, too.

You will want to recommend this to all your BDSM loving girlfriends, but you can’t. This is just not for everyone…but if it’s for you, it will become an instant favorite and keeper. I dare you to find out which side of the line you fall on.