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Addicted to You - Bethany Kane Something about those Irish heroes – they get me every time! :) Addicted To You’s Rill is no exception. This is a friends-to-lovers erotic romance set in a backwoods town, Vulture’s Canyon. Rill is a talented film writer and director who has abandoned his life. He’s been living in isolation in a secluded cabin, depressed and heavily liquored up, ever since his wife’s sudden death. He’s no longer writing and he’s unwilling to interact with the community, save a few meals and store visits to replenish is alcohol supply.

The story begins with the arrival of Rill’s best friend’s little sister, on a mission to save him. Katie has been in love with Rill for years, as he was a close family friend. Despite his seemingly perfect relationship with his now deceased wife, she couldn’t help her feelings, but she never acted on them. Rill is completely plastered when Katie arrives – so much so that he doesn’t even recognize her – but he knows one thing, and it’s that he has to have the woman before him like he needs to breathe. But their encounters go from wicked hot to awkward the very next day. Rill want Katie out! Out of his cabin, and out of his life. But Katie has given up a successful but unsatisfying law practice. She’s going to see this through, even if she has to use her body to save Rill from himself.

Rill has some heavy emotional baggage that has been lingering since long before his wife’s death. He has a wild, dominant and nearly insatiable sexual appetite, but having dealt with his alcoholic, neglectful and promiscuous mother during his childhood years, Rill has kept that part of himself repressed for the whole of his adult life…until Katie….And there’s no closing that door once addiction sets in. No surprise if you’re familiar with Beth Kery/Bethany Kane’s work, but the love scenes were HOT and creative – there’s always something new and inventive. This time around, there were 2! It was Rill’s clever use of an outdoor tree swing, and the scene with the Double Dutch Door...WOW...I’ll leave it at that.

Beyond the healing and self-acceptance at the core of this story, we also meet a few lovable characters from the town and learn about some of the challenges in preserving its way of life. Addicted To You is a series starter, and I’m hoping the next one continues to give us more angsty romance. A solid 4.5 stars.