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Vengeance in Death  - J.D. Robb This is the only ongoing series I read that features the same couple in every installment: NYC Homicide Lt. Eve Dallas and the sexy, complex, brilliant and dangerous Irish tycoon known only as Rourke. But these 2 characters are SO worthy of this distinction!! :)

Eve and Rourke both come from ugly, abusive childhoods. Sexual/physical/emotional abuse…it’s more accurate to say they didn’t really have childhoods! But Eve and Rourke managed to find peace with one another and their story is compelling enough to keep millions of readers hooked. Their relationship and new marriage is stressed in Vengeance in Death after Rourke’s long time friend & butler, Summerset, becomes the prime suspect in a series of murders tied to Rourke’s dark secrets from his younger years rising up in the rough streets of Dublin, Ireland. When Eve takes Summerset into questioning with Rourke acting as his representative and Eve brings up private information that she’s only privy to through her relationship with Rourke, I just about died with shock. It was definitely a "*sucks-in-air* Oh, no she didn't!!” kind of charged moment *g* In addition to the relationship/sexual tension within this story, this killer taunting Eve and making her solve puzzles to find the victim (not always in time) kept me hooked and as always, the futuristic aspects were just sprinkled in and never overwhelming.

Naked in Death and Glory in Death (Books 1 and 2) are still my favorites of this series; I’ve re-read them both more times than I can count. But Vengeance In Death was damn good and right up there with these favorites. It’s intimidating to read a series that I’m so incredibly behind on…what is J.D. Robb writing right now, including the short stories, “In Death” book #30? But it says a lot about a series when your friends that are current still love the series and encourage you to hurry and join them. And that’s what I’m going to do~