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Precious and Fragile Things - Megan Hart Despite the ignorant and/or stubborn booksellers that continue to place Precious and Fragile Things in the romance section, to the frustration of Megan Hart and her many fans, this is NOT a romance. Instead, this is one of my favorite erotic romance author’s first forays into general fiction.

Right out the gate, it becomes clear that Gilly is a woman on the edge. She’s running errands with her 2 young children in the backseat and her inner dialogue is hilarious. What she says to her children and what she wants to say to her children are vastly different. At home, she has a husband, Seth, who loves and desires her, but he doesn’t help enough with their children and he keeps Gilly on an extremely tight budget. And maybe that frustration is why sex with her husband, lately, has felt more like a chore. For Gilly, there’s no greater pleasure than a few solitary evening hours in her home, when her family is asleep.

After Gilly ushers her children to safety in the midst of a carjacking, but later remains in the car, even after her abductor, Todd, has clearly given her an opportunity to escape, you know you’ve never read about a woman quite like Gilly :) She is confident that someone will eventually come and rescue her, so she enjoys the quiet in the secluded hunting cabin with Todd. The sleeping in. The not taking care of kids & husband. Todd is even cooking for her. Taking care of her….They are playing board games…Todd wants Gilly to like him…and slowly, they begin to share information about their respective lives. It’s a nice change of pace, despite the fact that he’s dangerous and unpredictable and took her at knife point…

Once Gilly begins to miss her family and realizes that Todd has no intention of ever releasing her, she realizes the gravity of her mistake. Despite the ups and downs of Gilly and Todd – the hurting…and the being nice – going both ways, a tension remains because Todd wants her to stay, and Gilly wants to leave.

I found myself rooting for a good outcome for everyone. Especially after learning about Todd’s horrific, tragic upbringing. Another GR review gave an obvious hint, and sadly, that took away some of the impact of the “reveal” when I read this, so I will just conclude by saying this was a moving story I won’t soon forget. I will gladly follow author Megan Hart for any future general fiction releases.