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The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning I heard that the best 2 books in Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series were Kiss Of The Highlander (#4) and The Dark Highlander (#5), and that while it was okay to skip the previous series installments, these 2 books must be read in order. So I jumped in with #4. It took some time for me to warm up to it, but then I just became caught up in the rich Highlander world Moning had created and couldn’t help but love it. Then I was completely blown away by this installment (#5). Wow! Dageus MacKeltar is definitely my favorite MacKeltar twin! I was completely in lust with The Dark Highlander by page 1. The reviews are absolutely correct – do NOT read this one without reading #4, but you’ll be just fine if you skipped #s 1 and 2. The story kicks off with Dageus living in a penthouse high-rise in present day Manhattan, and the only thing that seems to ease the 13 dark druids spirits residing within his body is “tupping” – getting it on ;) And boy does he! The heroine is bright and funny, and I enjoyed the time traveling to Scotland, 5 centuries in the past. If you don’t have time to start another series, but just want to read 2 winners, try these 2 books – they’re very connected and complete. Even the side character romance the begins in #4 comes to a complete resolution in #5. I highly recommend these books, even for a reader that’s a little wary about time traveling books (like myself).