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Linger - Maggie Stiefvater I'm wavering between 2 and 3 Stars. I thought it would never end. I've never complained more while reading a book. Ever. I found myself having conversations with other people while the audiobook played on. With all the sadness, dispair and constantly shifting points of view, it never really sucked me. Isabella (not even the main character) was the most entertaining and interesting to me.

But yet the book managed to completely knock me out with its very surprising cliffhanger ending. I promise not to spoil it. Throughout Linger, it's obvious something is very wrong with Grace and it's getting progressively worse. So you might assume you've got the cliffhanger all figured out and there are no surprises left. WRONG! Someone does something completely out of character and gives you a WTF moment that pretty much ensures you will read Forever when its released. I like the setup and I'm hopeful I'll enjoy the series conclusion more than I enjoyed this.

A final thought - it's very frustrating to read a YA book where H/H sleep together nightly...yet absolutely none of the sex is shown. I can't believe there wasn't even ONE PG-13 Sam/Grace love scene.