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Star of Christmas (Red Light Series) - Jayne Rylon Wow – quite good! :) It was focused entirely on the changing relationship between Amsterdam red light district sex worker Star and Rick, her regular that was introduced briefly in Through My Window during one of the 3 different scenes with her clients. I had enjoyed 2 of the 3 scenes in Through My Window, and Rick’s scene was one of them and clearly hinted at something more going on between the duo. The fact that this installment didn’t feature any other clients worked well for me because Star & Rick together are HOT and their chemistry feels very genuine. Rick works as a bodyguard for a live sex show in the area, and his boss needs a woman to fill in for the electrophilia finale act when a performer is injured just days before their holiday “Kinkmas” show :) Star agrees to bail them out, but only if she’s partnered Rick.

Both Star and Rick are showing little hints of possession and jealousy, and Star struggles to keep her rules intact – like no kissing and no giving out her real name. Their Christmas gifts to each other at the conclusion were SO sweet and SO perfect. I’m really hoping they give a relationship a try. This series is like an addictive soap opera, with yummy 40+ page installments that can be easily read in one sitting. Rylon has created a bold & unique story here so I’m anxiously awaiting installment #3 :)