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Forbidden - Evangeline Anderson This is my 3rd Evangeline Anderson read and I can say she's becoming my go-to-author for "we shouldn't be doing this" sexual tension *g*. In Str8te Boys, it was the "I'm not really gay, but I wanna bang my hot roomate/soccer teammate" variety. Picture Perfect was the "I wanna bang my step-sister" variety. And here with Forbidden, we have the "I wanna bang my sister, who's not really my sister, but I don't know that" set up.

There were so many unintentionally hilarious moments in this one...some of the justifications, like, "It's not really incest, as long as he doesn't c*m in me." Or the "I think the best way to help you get past that night when you crossed the line 10 years to do everything you wanted to do that night...right now." Even though you, as a reader, know they're not really bro/sis, this was pretty off the hook. Still, I must give it up to Anderson. I laughed and cringed at times, but as a whole, this was still another wicked hot story.