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A Rose is a Rose - Jet Mykles Such a lovely cover! There's almost always something I'm very jealous of when it comes to Jet Mykles' characters, and with Carson - it's got to be those long luscious, red locks. Completely lured me in :)

You can't help but feel sorry for this gorgeous cover guy for a good majority of the story. He isn't as talented as the other members of the burlesque show - no real vocal skills and not a great dancer either. Carson is featured in a few skits that involve him strolling around in racy outfits and a few sequined gowns. Since Carson sometimes cross-dresses, this is a perfect fit. Summer dresses, false hip shapers and breast inserts - Carson's not afraid to be himself, even if he's meeting the mother of his new lover that's never been with a man.

Eddie, the building superintendent and owner, struck me as a quiet, calm man of few words. But when he spoke, he always offered the words of comfort that Carson needed to hear. And he often showed his affection through action, constantly cooking for and feeding Carson, doing his best not to offend Carson's pride. But Eddie was a little too sweet and gentle for me. I think I generally need at least one of my men in m/m erotic romance to be alpha. My other problem with Eddie was also personal: I don't enjoy reading about very hairy men. And Carson's never been with such a hairy man, so he talks about it - quite often. The thatch of chest hair peeking out of Eddie's shirt. The beard that's long enough to comb. The fur on Eddie's chest. My personal quirks about too thick body and beard hair were a huge distraction during the love scenes. Regardless, Eddie was a great guy and I absolutely loved how roses were incorporated throughout the story :)

You might not like Carson's "boy toy for sugar daddy" way of life, but by the end of the story, you clearly understand the reason behind his choices and you get to see Carson change for the better.