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Death Angel: A Novel - Linda Howard A very hot, emotional roller coaster. This gets underway immediatley. You learn that Drea has been the arm candy for a dangerous drug lord, Rafael Salinas. The sexy assassin is here again to discuss a contract for a hit, but he rejects the $100K being offered. The only form of payment he'll except? He wants sex with Drea, just once. The assassin is the best at what he does, and as it's clear this is non-negotiable, Rafael gives in and says he'll be back in 5 hours. Drea can't believe she's been left with this killer, but what follows is one very hot encounter. Unlike Rafael, the Assasin is soley focused on her pleasure and he proceeds to torture her for hours before his own release. "Until I c*m, this only counts as once..." OMG, I just about died! :) Are you hooked yet? Their passionate encounter awakens something in Drea, but after the Assassin's cool post-coital dismissal, she is devestated.

Drea has been pretending to be dumb and ignorant, and Rafael's total disregard for her by passing her to the Assassin gives her the motivation to pull a major double cross...Once Rafael discovers Drea's revenge, Rafael again contacts the Assassin...but this time the hits on Drea. Will he do it? Is he just a hard, trained killer? Or is there an emotional side to the Assassin that also needs awakening? I LOVED this one. Very unexpected, as I've never read Linda Howard before. You can't believe you're rooting for Drea and the Assassin, but you do!! I just grabbed another one of her books this afternoon at our library book sale. I hope to find another winner like this.