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Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole
“Carrow is Malkom’s”

Well, the way Kresley has made me fall so hard for this hero, I so wish I could say “Malkom is Mahlet’s” *sigh* I bow down to Kresley for delivering such a beautiful, intense story ten - count that - TEN! - freaking books into the IAD series. This is quite possibly the strongest IAD book yet. For the last few years, whenever I encountered another IAD fan, I always had to throw in a “Lachlain and Bowen are still my favorites, but I really loved __so and so’s__ book, too!” No more. There has got to be room for Malkom’s book. Really - just one of the most tortured, fierce and protective males in the PNR genre.

At the mere age of 6, Malkom’s whore of a mother handed him over to a male vampire - knowing he would be used as a blood and sex slave. As the vamp wasn’t interested in drinking from or abusing anyone too old, Malkom was tossed on the streets at the age of 14. He survived and turned himself into a fierce warrior, under the command of his only friend, Prince Kallen the Just, leader of the Throthan demonarchy on the hell plane, Oblivion. As the Throthan’s are betrayed by one of their own, Malkom is turned into a vemon (a demon poisoned with vampire blood) against his will. He’s disgusted with what he has become and hates himself. Through no fault of his own, he becomes enemy #1 of nearly every creature on Oblivion. Illiterate, dirty, wild, territorial, with absolutely NO sexual experience with women - not even first base! - Malkom has lived alone in his mountain den for centuries, waiting for revenge. He had one hard and fast rule - no one betrays him more than once, and everyone who has betrayed him, save one, is dead.

“Carrow the Incarcerated” is one of the witch coven’s wild childs - always in jail, causing a raucous and seemingly happy. She's not at all shy and definitely experienced, unlike Malkom. When Loreans of all kind (fey, lykae, sorceresses, valkerie, demons, etc.) begin disappearing, Carrow gets scooped up as well. They’re imprisoned on an island cloaked in magic, wearing special collars preventing use of their powers. We get to see what’s going on with Regin the Radient, who disappeared at the end of Book #9. The head captor, Chase, has taken a special interest in Regin, torturing her nearly every night (more on that in Regin’s book - up next in February *woot, woot!*). With an innocent life on the line, Carrow agrees to her captors demands: study the file on Malkom, enter the hell plane Oblivion, secure his trust, and get him back to the portal within 6 days, so Malkom can be captured, studied and tortured as well.

Carrow feels guilty as hell, but she agrees. As soon as she sets foot onto Oblivion, Malkom senses the mate he never even dared to dream about. His attraction is whole and instant, but not Carrow’s. He struggles to restrain his vemon strength, and he’s filty and overgrown so she can barely see his face! He speaks in Demonish, and she speaks English - the language he forced himself to forget. So initially, they communicate through physical gestures and just a few words. Their days together in his den were simply magical. Carrow’s quick to realize he’s never been with a woman, but Malkom’s quick to catch on with how to please a woman! ;) As the time to deliver Malkom to the island captors draws near, Carrow becomes more and more distraught. But she doesn’t see any other path.

Demon From The Dark has some of the best angry and emotional sex I’ve encountered in PNR. The intensity!!! Remember what I said about Malkom’s one hard and fast rule? I appreciate Kresley not making things easy for Malkom and Carrow - the internal conflicts Malkom deals with don’t just get swept under the rug with a quick, “Oh well, it’s alright...she’s my mate after all.” Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose, literally. There’s fantastic action scenes. And one hell of a set up for Regin’s book (#11). This book was awesome, fresh, and one of the best yet in the IAD series. I have to echo a friend who described this book as perfect. I vow to never get behind on the IAD again, but I am super thrilled that my wait for Regin’s book is so short!!! haha! :)