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The Missing - Shiloh Walker The Missing is a contemporary romantic suspense/thriller. I add thriller because some moments were so intense that I felt like I’d popped a bunch of caffeine pills because my hands were shaking as leafed through the pages lightning fast. Taige, the biracial beauty of a heroine, has psychic abilities and uses them to save lives in the Alabama gulf vacation community that she considers home. Her parents are deceased, so we begin the story with Taige as a teen living with her crazy preacher Uncle that verbally, and at one point, physically abused Taige because he believed she was doing the devil's work by using her gift. When the rich and handsome teen boy Cullen begins spending his summers in her gulf community, Taige and Cullen fall in love. The story quickly progresses as each chapter indicates a new summer. Shiloh Walker doesn’t disappoint and she crafts her usual sweet but smokin’ hot love scenes.

When Taige fails to foresee the death someone Cullen holds dear, Cullen lashes out – things end very bad for the teen romance – and the repercussions of that goodbye are more devastating than either one of them could imagine.

The story fast forwards a decade and Taige is now working as a consultant for the FBI, using her talent to find missing children. The love of her life – Cullen - has never forgotten Taige. In fact, the 2 have been sharing very intense dreams about each other during all their years apart. Cullen’s a widowed single father now. And when his daughter gets kidnapped by a very dark, child serial killer, guess who Cullen immediately runs to? The hunt for the serial killer through the minds of his victims...the intense and sensual reconnection of a deep, lost love...I loved this story! It was dark, sexy, captivating and my favorite Shiloh Walker read thus far. I think The Missing would make an excellent movie and I can’t recommend it enough. Shiloh Walker recently announced that she's also writing the story of Taige's friend who we met in The Missing (one of the other female psychics working for the FBI), so I guess this book is no longer a stand-alone :)