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Hot Finish - Erin McCarthy Erin McCarthy’s amazing Fast Track series is considered contemporary romance, but I think it’s a little hotter than most, and that’s just fine with me ;) Flat-Out Sexy (#1) gave us the story of stock car race driver Elec Monroe, one of the sweetest, hottest beta heros you’ll ever meet. Hard and Fast (#2) was hilarious and the opening love scene was one of the most well-written, ever!, with Ty and his little “reversals”<--sweet torture. <br/>
The chemistry between divorced couple Suzanne and Ryder Jefferson was evident in the previous series installments and reaches the breaking point here :) In Hot Finish, Suzanne is still refusing additional alimony $$ from Ryder, and back into the wedding planning business for none other than Nikki Borden, that air-headed bimbo that was chasing Ty in Book 2-->Yes, Nikki’s still just as brainless, but this leads to a lot of laughs ;) Nikki’s finally snagged a driver willing to marry her, and Suzanne will do just about anything to make the high profile, ridiculously themed (thank you Nikki) wedding a success and secure the future of her business. Of course, Nikki’s an attention whore, too, so she has enlisted all the stock car race drivers you know and love, including Elec, Ty, and Ryder, to be groomsmen.

It’s clear very early on that Ryder never stopped loving Suzanne. The way he’s so supportive of her, and helps her in ways her sometimes stubborn ass can’t refuse, just melted my heart. Without going into too much details, communication breakdowns, false beliefs and unmet expectations led to the breakdown of their marriage on round one. Those problems don’t simply go away for Suzanne and Ryder because it’s their story, and I thought McCarthy did an excellent job of handling this. It seemed very realistic and at times, I felt like I was almost eavesdropping on a real couple - in serious trouble. Suzanne and Ryder were fiery in their conflicts when they hurt each other, but in the bedroom as well! Hot Finish has all the heat I have come to love and expect with this series. Suzanne and Ryder have none of that awkwardness that a new couple might experience. Ryder seems to realize their marriage is worth saving much sooner than Suzanne, so he’s almost wooing her? Damn is it hot! Especially when Ryder suggests a little change in scenery - YOWZA! But there’s more than smokin’ hawt sex - this is also full tender moments I love, like when Ryder wants to say more, and tell Suzanne that he loves her and wants a chance to be a better husband...but instead keeps things light for fear of scaring her off. I liked being in Ryder’s head, so to speak ;) And I’d like being in his bed, too, but I’ll just say ;) This was a great installment to the series, and I look forward to more, especially after the special preview to The Chase, (driver Evan Monroe’s) story, at the end of Hot Finish. If you need a fix to satisfy you until August, when Hot Finish is released, you can access 2 excerpts to Hot Finish, plus a plot summary for The Chase, by becoming a member of Erin McCarthy’s website (it’s free). Happy reading and enjoy these hot & sweet stock car race heros! :)