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Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl Surprisingly hotter than its cover lets you believe! Jane is hiding quite the colorful past, and I understand her wanting a fresh start after her troubled youth, but I downgraded to a 4 star because of her ridiculous expectations and ideals about the perfect man for her. If she found the right guy, with the right family and the right job, that would wipe away all the garbage of her past. And she meets Chase, the sexy, kinda-rough successful entrepreneur. He's got tats, and of course, his company happens to be in the business of blowing things up for large construction projects.

First, Jane can't believe that a man that looks like Chase actually owns his own company...and then when she does find out, he's still not good enough. Jane is looking for the white-collar lawyer/investment banker type. She's essentially an assistant and office manager, which is a totally fine career choice, but when you hear Jane talk about the man she's looking for, you would think she works as a scientist for NASA! So Jane proceeds to use Chase for sex as her dirty little secret ( was really hot), until Chase gives her an ultimatum and basically stops putting up with her shit. Also in the background was family drama for Jane, dead bodies and blackmail. Despite all the "Bitch, please" moments Jane gave me, I still really enjoyed it. And she did own up to her attitude. She was ashamed of it and eventually came around. I plan to try some of the earlier series installments soon.