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Sugar Creek: A Destiny Novel - Toni Blake Their first, explosive encounter in a deliciously inappropriate and risky location: "That's when his hands dropped to her ass, squeezing her tight against the hardness between his legs. 'Just because I'm a good cop,' he said, 'doesn't mean I'm not a bad boy.'"

YAY-yay!! See, this is why Toni Blake is turning me into such a huge small-town romance fan, at least when it comes to her work. The book cover's very lovely, but before my Destiny days, I would have been running fast in the opposite direction. Toni gives you that comfy feeling you love and expect from this genre, but then she surprises you with sex so hot, you do a double take and think you're reading under her erotic romance pen name (Lacey Alexander). One Reckless Summer was blistering hot and nearly made me cry, but I loved Sugar Creek just as much and Mick and Mike are currently tied as my favorite Destiny guys - I just can't choose :)

Rachel Farris is a smart, stylish and successful Chicago ad-executive who has temporarily returned to Destiny, Ohio to help her ailing grandmother run the family's apple orchard business. And she likes to drive her fancy cars, and FAST, because she keeps getting pulled over by the tough, sexy, by the books, everybody-wants-to-bang-him, perpetual bachelor..Officer Mike Romo, or as Rachel likes to call him, "Officer Romeo" :) She feels he's harassing her because of a generations old family fued, and he think's she's a reckless citygirl looking down on their small-town way of life. But why can't she resist flirting with him? Their banter - the chemistry - it was just fantastic!

Pretty soon, though they still dislike each other, they give in to their passions and man was it smokin' hot! A good portion of their encounters were spontaneous, including my favorite one--> Although he doesn't understand why it's so important to him (you're falling for her, silly!), Mike convinces Rachel to attend his grandmother's birthday party as his date. On the drive over, though they've already had amazing sex, Rachel is still trying to do her best job of pretending she's totally unaffected by Mike and he doesn't really do it for her (uh-huh) ...So Mike WHIPS the car over into a barn on the side of the road, and erm...shuts her up really good! *g*

As the conclusion of Rachel's Destiny trip draws near, the love they are developing for one another results in rising tension. I loved Mike's struggles to accept a partner in his life, despite the incredible loss he suffered as young boy. In addition to Rachel and Mike's story, we get the bonus flashbacks of how the Farris/Romo feud began. And Rachel grandmother's frankness and teasing added to the humor. Hope we see more of her in future installments. This is a wonderful series - I'm looking forward to more :)