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Explosive - Beth Kery There’s nothing better then having an erotic-romantic suspense jump right in and immediately hook you. Literally, first sentence, Thomas Nicasio has interrupted Dr. Sophie Gable’s annual summer getaway by appearing on her lake house dock. This is the sexy, ex-Navy explosives specialist who has been been giving her heated glances and, not always discreetly, checking out her body. Though they’ve only had a few flirty conversations in the lobby of her medical practice, it’s Thomas’ face Sophie sees whenever she’s self-pleasuring. And here is he on her dock, the normally GQ’d dresser....uninvited, injured, disheveled, on edge, he doesn’t even know HOW he got to Sophie’s place so he’s suffering from short-term memory loss...and thankfully *grin* Thomas is masking absolutely none of the desire he’s been trying to temper for months. They have an amazing first night he promptly forgets!

Sophia knows his brother and nephew both just died in a tragic accident, but considering the extremely tense nature of Thomas’ former position with the Navy, she finds it highly doubtful that their deaths were the trigger for Thomas’ current emotional and physical state. Something else even more colossal must have just happened to Thomas, and boy is she ever right!

With building’s exploding, FBI agents trailing Thomas, and accusations of family mob ties, Sophie feels he’s in danger and does her best to keep him stationary at her lake house, the setting for the majority of this book. Well, excluding that ridiculously hot scene in the office building, most of the sex in Explosive takes place in and around the lake house property. Beth Kery is a master of sensual, erotic romance, and this story did NOT disappoint. There’s always BDSM, at least for every full-length contemporary I’ve read of hers in recent years, but each story kind of has its own flavor. With Explosive, I’d say this one has the kind of BDSM to satisfy the fans of this particular genre, PLUS the folks that don’t want it too extreme or too hard. Only 1 small quibble - Thomas improvising with use of a kitchen spatula very briefly killed the sexy for me...I couldn’t look at my KitchenAid tools the same for a little while! *g* That aside, the sex is varied, detailed, and hot with even some minor exhibition play thrown in. There’s a reason why I drop everything for Beth Kery’s books - I hope the next release is coming up soon! The wait and anticipation for Explosive, considering my preference for tortured or damaged heros, was KILLER! Happy reading :D