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Naked in Death - J.D. Robb If you’re interested in a sexy, dark thriller with passion, tension, and an awesome strong female heroine, you will love this book! The author gets right to business with NY homicide detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas arriving at the grizzly crime scene of a murdered “licensed companion” or “LC”. The year is 2058, and prostitution is now regulated, but legal. Not only was this LC the granddaughter of a U.S. Senator, she was also brutally killed with an antique weapon. The killer has promised 5 more additional killings, and Eve is under personal and political pressure to wrap this up quickly. Eve is a by-the-books officer with a strong moral compass, and she’s extremely passionate and capable in her duties to protect the community. The killer immediately takes an interest in Eve and brings up ill feelings about her dark past she would soon like to forget.

One prime suspect is sexy and mysterious Irish tycoon Roarke (just Roarke). Although he can certainly have almost any woman he wants, it’s substance he craves. Roarke finds Lt. Eve Dallas intriguing and very arousing, and soon, Roarke is using her investigation to wiggle his way into private time with Eve. I absolutely loved the dialogue and chemistry, and I pretty much lit up whenever Roarke and Eve were together. Eve is tough and independent but she’s damaged under it all, and Roarke wants to be the man to break down her walls. Will she let him? And what would happen if the lead detective in a high profile serial killer investigation becomes sexually involved with a prime suspect? And would it be just sex?

OMG, this book was satisfying, from start to finish. The futuristic aspects weren’t at all overwhelming…Just little things here and there, like “automated” machines that make your breakfast, futuristic cars, that sort of thing. The core of this book is murder/sex, mystery, and passion—all of which are very relevant today. I highly recommend this first book in J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series. Enjoy~