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Bewitched at the Beach (The Rune Witch, #2) - Laura Stamps 4.5 Stars. As short story #2 in a trilogy, Bewitched At The Beach should be read in order. Shapeshifter Wynn still hasn't given up on his quest to get his goth-loving, exhibitionist girlfriend Noelle to accept his marriage proposal. Wynn's boss Dray (yummy vampire of the Manigault series "A Vampire's Kiss (The Manigault Vampires, #1))" gifts him a free trip to Hilton Head, so the hot vacation sex gets started as soon as Wynn and Noelle reach the getaway. The hot tub, the beach :) These 2 know how to have a good time, but I also especially enjoy the banter and constant teasing of this couple that is truly comfortable with one another.

We get an understandable explanation for Noelle's reluctance to accept Wynn's proposal, but I'm still curious as to why Wynn's 1st marriage failed. Wynn doesn't play fair, but Noelle is starting to change her tune. I wonder what he'll do to finally get Noelle's submission in [b:The Harvest Moon|8477206|The Harvest Moon (The Rune Witch, #3)|Laura Stamps||13342132] :)