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Finger Lickin' Fifteen  - Janet Evanovich Yea!! Top secret project for Ranger? Did they even MENTION Morelli in that blurb? That means lots of hot Ranger action - there's hope for a BABEcake like me :)


Now that I've actually read this book, I see that I was mistaken :(

The ranting of a frustrated BABEcake intended for readers current with this series...…

*sigh* I remember a time when I would drop everything for new Stephanie Plum books; look online for preview excerpts; read Evanovich’s newsletter; find smokin’ hot fanfiction online to get my Ranger fixes. But this series just keeps falling further and further into abyss. Both books 14 and 15 were such disappointments.

I’m sorry, but when fans wait an entire year in between series installments, the heroine does NOT get to be “off men” for the entire book. And just like Fearless Fourteen, Stephanie’s again doing a project under Ranger’s employ, they’re even sharing a bed!, she’s on a break from Morelli, Ranger ends up naked more than once...and yet, Steph and Ranger aren’t hooking up?!? Really? I consider myself a BABEcake, meaning a have a preference for Ranger but I still have love for Morelli. Ranger, IMHO, is the fan’s mostly Rangeman gear at the Plum book signings, not Cupcake themed clothes. So why must Evanovich tease us so? Ranger & Steph hooked up ONCE! 8 years ago! In Hard Eight! And that was essentially, what, a 2 paragraph love scene? No where near the level of detail that was provided for Morelli and Steph’s first hookup in Four to Score. For years, I’ve been hoping, clearly in vain, that Evanovich would give Ranger fans something; anything! to make up for the most hyped and most disappointing love scene I’ve probably ever read....Instead, this book was just one big tease. Book blub above? "It's the spiciest, sauciest...Warning: Habanero hot." Lies! All lies I tell you. This was lukewarm, at best.

There were still some funny moments in this one, but I didn’t enjoy all the fart high jinks. And Stephanie solving the burglary mystery ruining a helpless Ranger's reputation? This goes against everything we know about how capable Ranger is. Fearless Fourteen was the last Stephanie Plum book that I paid for. It's library only status, going forward, unless things improve. The earlier books in this series rocked and I just can't forget how good it can be~