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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne PLEASE Please please…..have no doubts that this is a SPOILER VENTING of what I liked and didn’t like, intended for trilogy fans that have read Mockingjay. Last chance to beat it ;)
Katniss gave that fake vote of “yes” and killed Coin, for Prim? Well, I damnit I’m downgrading to a 4 star review – for Finnick.

Finnick: For the love of God, Why why WHY?!?!?!? I understand this is dystopian and it’s not going to be all roses and lilac…but to take such a wonderful well-loved character, give him a sweet, heart-moving reunion with Annie (where they practically melted into the wall as one unit and I nearly cried right there)….followed by their wedding….and then to kill him?? That was completely unnecessary, and maybe, even a little cruel to the readers? The tender way Finnick cared for Annie, always holding her hand :( And then there is the manner of his death. Just left behind in that tunnel? I was in disbelief and had to read his death scene several times. During the first reading, when the reptilian mutt is about to go in for the death bite, and Katniss is just standing by watching this go down…I’m screaming – “GIRL! GET OUT YOUR BOW!!!!!”….And then Katniss seeing all the important memories in Finnick’s life, right before he dies? I was done for. Complete Niagara Falls – sobbing and crying out. Even 4 hours later, having finished this book and watching Labor Day fireworks, and I’m STILL getting teary-eyed over Finnick. So again, Finnick, this 4 is for you.

Prim: I don’t think I even cried when Prim died because as soon as the 2nd wave of explosions hit - POOF! Katniss wakes up and the war is over :( I didn’t even have a chance to PROCESS her death – it was just fast forward, it’s over. In my opinion, Prim’s death sullies the entire trilogy. Sure, sure…Katniss’ actions in the reaping helped to incite the rebellion….but her sacrifice was always about Prim. Not only protecting Prim, but creating a better world for her. But it’s going to be awfully hard to ever re-read books 1 and 2, knowing what I now know about Prim’s fate. At least partially, it will all seem kind of pointless. And to read about her cuddling up with her goat, and her cat, and her shirt tail sticking out…knowing the truth? I just don’t think I can.

Cinna: He’s thought to be dead. Really?!? One of the series’ most loved supporting characters? Really - that’s all he gets?

Gale: Yes, yes, I understand this trilogy is about more than “Team Peeta” vs. “Team Gale” vs. “Team No One”…but as a Team Peeta fan who still valued Katniss’ friendship, connection and love for Gale, even *I* was pissed off on behalf of the Team Gale folks out there. Katniss and Gale’s last conversation….and the later brief mention about Gale being very successful in another district…Quite simply, Katniss and Gale deserved better closure than that. And don’t even get me started on the way Gale behaved in this one – keeping secrets, not trusting her…again, Team Gale fans, I feel your pain on this one!!

But It Was Still Epic: Despite these things that pissed me off, and despite the slower pace during the 1st third of the story, Mockingjay was still a gripping, emotional and unforgettable read. I spent a good chunk of the book fearful about the possible deaths of Katniss, Gale or Peeta, and I’m a sucker for emotional turmoil :) I loved the explanation of President Snow’s blood and roses odor. And although Katniss shooting Coin wasn’t a surprise to me once I realized the “yes” vote was a lie, I was still on the edge of my seat, thinking a guard would immediately kill Katniss on spot, and that she had made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of Panem.

But most importantly, I absoLUTELY got the ending I wanted! I’m sorry – the signs were there all along. People, it was always Peeta :)

“You love me. Real or not real?” I tell him, “Real.” *gush!!!*

Katniss and Peeta still have nightmares; they don’t have a perfect HEA, nor should they. But what they do have is good enough for me, and how I always hoped they’d end up. Together in the Victor’s village. I’m very thankful for that epilogue :)


February 2010: The Peeta vs. Gale debate on here is intense! ;) There's a comment somewhere in Catching Fire where Katniss compares her kiss with Gale to her kiss with Peeta...and I think she said something about feeling more butterflies & excitement in her kiss wtih Peeta (*ducks for cover*). Bottom line, she loves em' both, just in different ways. I'm dying to see who wins her heart and I'm scared to see who pays the ultimate price in the fight against the Capital. I feel like one of the trio is going to die :(