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Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James I enjoyed this ménage book about Wyoming cowboy Channing Kinkaid and Boston educated city girl Colby McKay. The premise is simple: you want to have a wild, sexual romp on the rodeo circuit? No problem, but you need to sleep with my rodeo partners, too. Channing is game, but as the encounters progress – Colby starts to get a jealous streak and decides he wants to keep Channing for himself. Colby has difficulties because the ménage was his idea and he knows Channing has been enjoying it. There’s also the timing issue as Channing has a teaching job waiting for her on the east coast.

One thing that irked me was Channing’s journal. She would secretly write in a journal throughout the book…it’s clear she doesn’t want the boys to discover it; I believe it’s connected to her studies? Anyone, the journal is then never mentioned again. I wanted more info on that, or a big blow up scene with Colby about Channing’s lies– something!

What completely caught me off guard about Long Hard Ride was that the hottest scene did NOT take place with Channing and Colby, but rather a “surprise” couple. If you were paying attention to the hints, this couple definitely wasn’t a surprise :) The intensity and passion of their scene made me read it again later, before I had even finished the book! This book was my first foray into western romantica, and I can’t help myself… it was a Good Hot Ride ;)