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Words of Silk - Sandra Brown This definitely reads like a book first published in 1984. The body part descriptions in the sex scenes were so awful, "fleecy delta" and "fanny" being the worst, that you almost wish someone was reading with you so you could laugh together. I also didn't enjoy reading about a school teacher that thinks she'll lose her job for having a child out of wedlock, so she pretends to be married. Add to that the "hero" who sleeps with her when she's intoxicated *I don't care if she pleaded for it* without a condom, then spies on her, and basically just barges in on her life. The way he just moved into her home was a little creepy, too. When he started his rants about how things were going to be with "his" baby and delivered an ultimatum in that regard, he made my blood boil. Oh sure, they fall in love. But I just couldn't fall in love with them. I barely finished this one.