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Sex Magick (The Rune Witch, #1) - Laura Stamps OMG - look at the vein action on those abs! You need to click for the larger picture to enjoy ;)

More of the couple I had already come to love when I met them in the Witchery series. Glad they have a whole trilogy dedicated to them :) I feel like you must read all 3 books because the conflict between Wynn and Noelle is just starting to develop as this novella comes to a close.

Noelle is a big ol' commitment phobe. It took years for her to agree to let Wynn live with her. She now readily admits that it's great living with him, and they hot sex all over the place with their handy strategicly placed condom baskets that are in the shower caddy...on the night get the point ;) You get to see them just being a couple - making dinner, going shopping - doing a Sex Magick spell for prosperity. Other than having to look up what "sigil" meant (symbol created for a specific magical purpose), it was a great scene :)

Like I said, I see the tension developing. It's all light hearted now - but I wonder what Wynn will do to win the heart of his petite spiky-haired goth goddess :) He starts teasing towards the end about a Sex Magick spell that will make Noelle marry him: "We dated five years before you let us live together . . . I can't wait another five years to marry you, darlin'" Noelle's seen many of her friends go through divorce. Also, Wynn's been married (I'd like to hear about why that failed). So she's adamantly against it. Wynn has his work cut out for him :)