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Mirror of My Soul - Joey W. Hill This is the powerful conclusion to the love story of Tyler and Marguerite, so heed the warning above - you MUST read Ice Queen first. Since I just wrote a more lengthy review for that one, I'll try to be brief and say this was unforgettable and everything I could have hoped for. This is erotic ROMANCE - to say that these characters are soulmates is an understatement. Marguerite's horrifying past is revealed, and truly, she's the most damaged heroine I've ever read. But yet, she's also one of the strongest. Watching Tyler - damaged himself, but healed - coax Marguerite into submission (embracing her feelings for him/trusting him/loving him) and dig into her soul was such an amazing journey over these 2 books. The power of their feelings for one another is so strong, in reality, they're submissive to one another - with the power to hurt with the loss or potential loss of the other. This was just so beautiful and Tyler and Marguerite go down as one of my all-time couples. I'm beginning to run out of room in my Top 5 erotic romance reads because their story is definitely it.