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Ice Queen - Joey W. Hill Ice Queen is the first half of the most emotional, sexy and compelling BDSM love story you'll probably ever read: the story of Tyler and Marguerite. You had better have Mirror of My Soul within arms length once you finish Ice Queen - because Tyler and Marguerite's story couldn't be contained in one book. Mirror of My Soul picks up exactly where Ice Queen ended. While the writing in Natural Law was just as intelligent, I enjoyed this story more because I prefer to read about male Doms rather than female Doms...while Mistress Marguerite may be the most sought-after Dom at The Zone, the exclusive BDSM club in Tampa, Florida, nearly trippling their bar tabs when she works with her subs, despite hardly ever allowing her subs to touch her freely, Marguerite's truly a sub at heart but for one man only.

Master Tyler is a silent part-owner of The Zone, and equally respected and sought after by the sub patrons. Despite her Dom status, Tyler has been lusting after Marguerite for nearly 2 years. She feels something between them, too, and it's been making her avoid him. Yet when Marguerite realizes she can't continue to practice as a Zone Dom without fulfilling the requirement of learning about the sub's perspective, it's Tyler she asks to get her through it. As Master, Tyler chooses the location: a weekend at his Gulf home, which is a beautiful estate described in wonderful details, so you'll feel like you're really there. Yes, Tyler's charming, alpha, sexy as hell AND wealthy :)

Marguerite is scared shitless - she tried to talk Tyler out of the sub requirement, but that failed. She values her weekly sessions at The Zone, which she uses to exercise some serious demons from a childhood you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy (NOTE: Marguerite's and Tyler's pasts are revealed in Mirror Of My Soul) she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her Zone membership. Marguerite is so intriguing and mysterious, with tendency towards violence just under her surface. She tries to set up rules for the weekend : No kissing, No actual sex...and no questions about the unusual marks on her body. The sub requirements include commands, restraints, flogging and punishment, exhibitionism, sensory deprivation....His lush gardens, gallery, bath tub, tennis court, kitchen...Let me just say, some of Marguerite's rules went out the damn window under the influence of Tyler. The time they spent at his Gulf home - um, I think I'm choking up here. I'll just say he's sensual, creative, tender AND firm. You will need to read the specifics for yourself, but it was really amazing. But don't get the wrong impression - it's not some run of the mill sex fest - it's very psychological and intelligently done. So much so that Marguerite gets the hell out of dodge, terrified of Tyler's power over her and the things he makes her feel.

Tyler becomes desperate to get back into his Marguerite's soul and make her admit her feelings for him and his command over her as Master. So Tyler makes a bold move, offering himself to her for one night as her slave...despite the warnings of his close friend Mistress Violet, who believes Marguerite may lash out at him. Marguerite accepts and chooses the venue: The Zone. It's a packed house (eveyone wants to see the clubs most respected Mistress top the normally private Master) and the normally private gorgous Tyler is stripped and chained, waiting for Marguerite...and he's given orders for Zone security to not interrupt under any circumstances until the session is over. And when it is, you'll be DYING for their story's conclusion in
Mirror of My Soul. This was a well-written BLOODY HOT erotic BDSM emotional roller coaster - At. Its. Finest.