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Mexican Heat - Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach Oh, how I loved this one! When is book 2 coming out? Mexican Heat is broken up into 2 parts. In Part 1, Gabriel Sandalini, a sexy, fiesty and capable SFPD Detective, has been working undercover for over a year for West Coast drug distributor Ricco Botelli. Gabriel is basically working alone, and in my opinion, he’s a little in over his head! Botelli is about to partner with a major supplier from the Mexico supply line. A drug bust involving one of the Mexican supply lines would not only be the bust of Gabriel’s career, but would be one to go down into the books.

Gabriel didn’t have a great childhood, and he’s pretty much a loner, into only one-time, no-repeat, hot sex with strangers. He doesn’t like to get involved in the touchy feely – and he does NOT do relationships. Also, Gabriel has a tendency to want bigger, stronger dominating men. He wants his lovers to make him submit….I mean, he literally wiggles and struggles like a trapped cat ;) And don’t you dare make Gabriel actually look at you while you have him – none of that face to face. And don’t you dare make him say he wants it~ So of course, he meets a gorgeous dominating lover who does just that :D As the first pages of this story unfold, Gabriel is scoping out a club connected to the drug cartel. He eyes a mysterious, tall, dark & gorgeous Spanish man on the dance floor. Later that night, Mr. Mysterious catches Gabriel snooping in an upstairs office, pins him to the desk, and begins to explore without Gabriel’s permission…but by the end of this office encounter, Mr. Mysterious has made Gabriel do everything I just described above that he supposedly hates ;) And JEEEEZZ was it smokin’ hawt!! But when it’s over, despite Mr. Mysterious’ attempt to see him again, no names are exchanged and Gabriel crumbles his phone number right in front of him. The chemistry between these guys was off the charts!

Shortly thereafter, Gabriel reports to Botelli’s headquarters for their “big first meeting” with the Mexican supplier, and he’s shocked to discover that Mr. Mysterious is actually Miguel, the Mexican supplier’s ice smooth, 2nd in command, Lieutenant. Of course, they pretend to not know each other, but the situation gets awkward, tense and hot, especially when both bosses suggest that Gabriel and Miguel take a trip to Mexico to see the manufacturing first-hand. This is where you learn about “Mexican Heat” - *deep breath!* And yes, as some previous reviewer commented, it involves doing strategically placed potent body shots.

I just loved this couple! I swooned whenver Miguel referred to Gabriel as his “gatito” (Spanish for kitten). Oh, the tension between these 2 – Miguel wanting more, and Gabriel’s resistence, is my favorite kind of romance. But it’s not just hot lovin’ here: Gabriel’s not sure if people are trying to kill him because Botelli’s daughter wants to sleep with him, or because his cover is perhaps blown. He’s starting to fall for Miguel, one of the freakin’ leaders in the organization he’s trying to bring down – so there’s mystery, adventure, and heat<--not just from the Mexican jungles. Part 1 comes to a very explosive, exciting finish with unexpected ramifications for Gabriel and Miguel. Things aren’t what they seem and not everyone comes out unscathed. I’m not discussing Part 2 – I don’t want to reveal any more. This book was just awesome and I’m happy to hear the series will continue, but I’m disappointed to learn authors Laura Baumbach and Josh Lanyon are no longer continuing their partnership. Even so, sign me up for Book 2! <br/>