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Rampant - Saskia Walker Saskia....if you happen to read this - You gave an advanced copy to Gina Scalera, a Joseph Beth bookseller in Lexington, KY. She absolutely loved this story and she's been raving about it :)


In addition to the gorgeous book cover, there's a great story involving ghosts, witches and possession. VERY erotic with well-developed characters. I prefer my h/h to be one on one, so the book blurb concerned me - was Zoe going to run around and sleep with everyone, with no connection or emotional development? I was happy to discover I was completely wrong. There is a love story developing with the very delicious Grayson Murdoch - a professor/researcher who rides a motorcycle and has some secrets he's hiding :) I love that Zoe and Grayson were so passionate for one another that they never quite made it to the bed :) I also grew to love the very mischievous and wanton spirit of Annabel McGraw - I'm generally not a big fan of flashbacks, but they really worked well here.

I was so pleased with this book that I already grabbed more of Sasia Walker's work:

EDIT: Glaring omission on my part! I can't believe I didn't mention the author's descriptions of the beautiful coastal town in Scotland, and the culture. It was such an integral part of the book - I felt like I was really there. The setting, itself, was a character.