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Still the One - Shawn Lane I don't know which Shawn Lane fans pressured her into giving us more of Dusty and Malcolm, although I have a few suspects - but thank you, thank you, thank you, because this was such a sweet treat :)

If you've read The Best Gift, then you've already met Dusty and Malcolm. They've been friends since junior high and finally admitted their love for one another in The Best Gift. This follow up story takes place 5 years later. Dusty is working long, hard hours at an LA restaurant where he's rumored to be the next head chef, and Malcolm *I just love him* is writing gay erotic romance and working as an actor doing local theater. Malcolm has surrounded himself with snobby theater friends who give Dusty the cold shoulder because of his profession.

When an opportunity to arises for Malcolm to perform on Broadway, he takes it, but with Dusty's blessing. They truly love one another and want to see their partner's dreams become reality. Will the distance and time tear their relationship apart? Is fame on Broadway what Malcolm really wants? As you can guess from the title, there's a very tender, sexy satifying HEA. This author delivers :)