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Deep Kiss Of Winter - Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter I only read Kresley Cole's latest IAD installment, "Untouchable", which was a very meaty 256 page portion of this 2 story book. Fan. Freaking. Tastic! Kresley Cole helped hook me into the world of PNR with her first IAD installment, A Hunger Like No Other). This book actually begins at the end of "The Warlod Wants Forever", but from Murdoch's perspective.

What I enjoyed most about this story was the agony and frustration of Murdoch not being able to touch his part-Valkyrie/part-Icere bride Daniela, as well as his disappointment at the very idea of being "blooded." In this IAD series, when a male vampire finds his fated bride, his heart beings to beat, and he becomes "blooded." Murdoch had a very realistic reaction to being blooded, unlike any other male vampire in this series thus far. In his human days, he was a dashing lover of many women, and not at all interested in committed relationships. So Murdoch's reaction to being blooded was basically...wait a minute, now that I can finally have sex, the Gods have fated me with a bride that feels excrutiating pain if I make contact with her skin? Murdoch wasn't so quick to pledge his love and claim his fated mate. He witnessed his father go mad after his mother's death, and he also witnessed his brother Nikolai became a weak shell of himself after his bride, Myst the Coveted (and also Daniela's half-sister), blooded Nikolai, gave him a taste of her blood, then purposely disappeared to torture him for 5 years (Playing Easy to Get).

Murdoch and Daniela's road to HEA isn't easy. Sure, they make use of gloves, icicles, and even dry-humping between a blanket! But it's not enough for Murdoch, and he this even worth it? On top of it all, he's dying to taste her blood. So what does Murdoch do? He starts avoiding Daniela, becoming distant...and more than curious about how easy it would be to take the edge off with someone else. They have ups and downs, so much so that Murdoch's 3 brothers are blooded and find their brides while this story is taking place. Like I said, this isn't the typical IAD - you're my mate, that's it for me forever - kind of story. This couple really struggles. The reactions to their situations were very realistic. And for all these reasons, I absolutely loved it. The HEA reward is that much sweeter when it's earned.