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Club Dead - Charlaine Harris Great installment! I’m loving Eric and Alcide (werewolf shifter). Both seem to be so honest and giving with Sookie, unlike Bill. I appreciated Bill’s absence for most of this book. The further I get into the Sookie Stackhouse books, the more I’m disappointed with Eric’s portrayal in True Blood. For example, in the book, Sookie complains about Bill taking care of the Balfour family, but not her. Eric steps in, without her request, and takes care of getting her driveway paved. The driveway paving was a big deal, showcasing the difference between Bill & Eric. But True Blood Eric? He only gives Sookie money to take care of her driveway AFTER she refuses to help on any more vampire projects without payment.

In addition to the tender moments with Eric, I’m also smitten with shapeshifter Alcide! With both Sookie and Alcide suffering recent breakups, the timing wasn’t right for them…Sookie has a missing, possibly unfaithful vampire boyfriend while Alcide has a crazy shifter ex-girlfriend that’s not over him. Despite their circumstances, Sookie & Alcide still managed to have a few moments of giving in to their strong chemistry - hot stuff! I’m pleased Sookie & Alcide will likely explore a relationship in Book 4. I also love the very hot actor who has been cast as Alcide for True Blood Season 3 this June! Check him out :) Sookie was a brave and capable heroine, stepping in to rescue someone who probably didn’t deserve it. I really hope producer Alan Ball stays true to the book - this was a real winner :)