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Mouth To Mouth - Erin McCarthy Loved this! Very funny, touching and HOT!

Laurel lost her hearing due to a childhood illness. She went off to college, and tried to assert her independence, studying to be a teacher. Once her father died and left her the house, she returned to her hometown to live with her mother and clerk at a candy shop. She enjoys what she does, but she’s tired of living a safe, unadventurous life…and one that includes no sex in the last 6 years! After some heated internet chatting with a gentleman using the name Russ Evans, the REAL Russ Evans meets Laurel at the coffee shop – and he’s a hot cop! One that’s intrigued and very tempted by Laurel’s admitted desire for casual sex.

What Evans and Laurel get is a whole lot more! She even begins bonding with Evans 13 yro younger brother (Evans’ parents are deceased so Evans is raising him – good guy!). As Evans and Laurel’s relationship develops through dates and hot sleepovers, it’s hard for these two not to fall in love.

I just loved Laurel and the way author Erin McCarthy worked the fact that she was deaf into some very humorous scenes…and some really tender moments, too. I won’t give it away – but you’ll gush when Evans communicates his feelings for Laurel in a unique way that definitely made me gush :) Another winner from one of my new favorite authors – which is why I’m reading her slightly older books like this one.