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When Alex Was Bad: A Novel of Erotic Suspense - Jo Davis Yes, I know I'm not done reading, but I need to say more than the "update status" character patrol will allow.

I have never felt like more of a hypocrite, or cringed more during a romantica, than while reading the 1st 30 pages of this book. I HATE IT when Alex is being bad and sleeping with another woman, although he's been given permission. My face was one big scowl for the entire scene.

But yet, when the wife Olivia is admiring the new, young sexy neighbor, I have absolutely no problem reading that, enjoy it, and look forward to their inevitable hookup....maybe it's because Alex strayed first? Or I can tolerate wives straying, but not husbands? Hmmmm....


Now that I'm finished, I can say Alex brings new meaning to the phrase TSTL...I wanted him to literally die by the end of the book. First, the only reason his wife suggested the open marriage was because she caught him making out with his subordinate (a younger associate) at the annual law firm party he hosted at their house! Yes, I enjoyed the third his wife brought into their relationship...but it wasn't enough to redeem suffering through Alex's stupidity. Example: Alex is lead counsel on a high profile sex ring case, and he's had 2 attempts on his life by professional assassins..but he lets his bodyguard go, and goes to a BDSM club with the younger associate. I enjoyed some of Alex's punishment, especially when his wife Olivia makes him watch her with their young, hot neighbor Jason, who she happens to be falling in love with...but punishment wasn't enough. And when Alex seemed to be mortally wounded, I wanted Alex to DIE. I've never felt that way about a hero before. This book was very different, and tough to complete. The things that turned on his wife Olivia (i.e. hearing about and seeing Alex with other women)...would never turn me on and I couldn't relate. I enjoyed the 2-some/3-some scenes with Alex/Olivia/Jason, but I didn't like it "When Alex Was Bad" (stepping outside their circle).