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Smooth Talking Stranger - Lisa Kleypas I'm not sure if this is the conclusion to the Travises' series, but if it was, it was pretty fantastic :) Jack Travis didn't spark my interest in the previous series installments...he just seemed like a rich man whore! But boy was he so much more. Sexy, charming, thoughtful and tender with babies :)

Ella and her younger sister survived a tough childhood with their crazy, selfish mother and her steady rotation of boyfriends, but not without scars. Ella's younger sister, a victim of sexual abuse, sleeps around and lives a wild life. Ella, on the other hand, writes a romance advice column, Miss Independant, but doesn't believe in marriage herself (how can you promise yourself to someone forever?) and has a free-spirited boyfriend who feels the same way. Ella still feels guilty about getting the hell out of dodge when she was old enough, and leaving her little sister behind with her unstable mother. So when kid sister drops her new baby on her mother and disappears, Ella steps in to take care of the newborn, baby Luke, and track down the father for support. Ella's mother wants NOTHING to do with the baby...she can't have her boyfriend know she's a grandmother, right? *groan* This woman was just despicable. Author Lisa Kleypas has a knack for creating memorable characters, good and bad. I'll never forget the abusive husband in Blue-Eyed Devil (#2), and I feel the same way about Ella's mother.

Ella begins her search for Luke's father with Jack Travis, the only lead she has. They meet early on in the story *yay!* and he gets right to business with his seduction :) Although she shares an apartment with her boyfriend Dane in Austin, he wants absolutely nothing to do with the baby. Jack steps in immediately, and sets up Ella and Luke in a posh hotel room and then eventually, an apartment in Houston. They share meals together, he plays with baby Luke - Jack is just so wonderful. He makes no apologies for his wild sexual past, but explains that he learned something from every lover - all to make him more adept of giving her pleasure! There was only one TSTL moment with Ella when I thought it was clear she needed to dump her boyfriend and she didn't.

I loved the emotional conflict in this one, with Jack trying to break down Ella's defenses. He knows how he feels for her early on, but he hides his feelings for fear of scaring her off. He's an extremely sexy, capable lover (Yes, this is Lisa Kleypas, but it was still very hot)...but yet he's soooo good with baby Luke it will melt your heart. Jack Travis is basically everything Ella's boyfriend Dane isn't. In edition to Ella and Jack, you get to revisit with the couples from books 1 & 2 . There's one more single Travis man who suffers some hardship in this book. I've got my fingers crossed for one more book!