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Deeper - Megan Hart I read this book nearly 6 months ago...but there it sat, in my GR "currently reading" stack because I loved it so much, I just didn't think I could do it justice. And I still don't think I can. I will say it's deeply moving, emotional, and unlike any erotic romance I've ever read. It tore at my heart and felt so very real...and for those reasons, it was one of my favorite reads of 2009, one I can see myself reading again. There's heartache, love, regret,'ll feel it all. The book goes back and forth between the "Then" and the "Now" with each chapter...but as the chapters get shorter, the truth of the "Then" collides with the "Now"....The heroine Beth is having a summer relationship with sexy, bad boy Nick in the "Then"...and a more mature (although he looks exactly like he did 20 years ago) Nick - if it's really the "Now." I. Just. Loved This. No other book has made me feel like this one. I was initially turned off by the premise - is he ghost?? What's going on?? I thank my sister for urging me to read this. This was very unconventional and hard to describe, but just amazing and you'll never forget it. And I'm thrilled to have more work by Megan Hart books in my book closet.