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What She Needs - Lacey Alexander 4.5 Stars

I had a lot of fun with this one. I heard it was Lacey's racist book yet, and it didn't disappoint with the heat at ALL! Brent really wanted to give Jenna what she needed, and that included schoolgirl/priest, exotic harem, dungeon slave, and ship captain’s prisoner, just to name a few. As a guide at Hotel Erotique, Brent is breaking all the rules with Jenna. When Jenna’s female guide is unavailable (as all guides should be the same sex as the guest), Brent steps in. But Jenna doesn't hink she needs any help with her sex life – she’s just there to enjoy a free vacation on a gorgeous island and get some sun. But after giving her the best orgasm of her life, Brent convinces Jenna to participate in the fantasies he’s designed for her, and Jenna agrees to do so on the condition that Brent participates with her. This is where the true pleasure of the book came for me. Simply Brent and Jenna, alone together after and before the fantasies. And especially the fantasies involving just Brent & Jenna. At least in the beginning, even a simple kiss on the lips was crossing the line, so this made those kisses more powerful and meaningful. And once the fantasies became more bolder and more challenging, it was the sweet afterwards, where Brent is selfishly taking pleasure for himself, that I enjoyed most. Somehow, Brent & Jenna always managed to lag behind when the fantasies were over ;) Brent leads such a wild life, as a reader, you do wonder at one point...just how's this HEA going to work?? So I was extremely thankful for the epilogue included. I might be a little skeptical about it, but I'm glad for it. Because I enjoyed the one/on/one the most, Voyeur is still my favorite Lacey Alexander book, but this was enjoyable, too.