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Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris I am so glad I gave this series a try! My only problem, and it's a personal one, is that I'm a fan of Trueblood, so I couldn't help picturing the actors in place for the book characters.

There are vampires, shapeshifters, romance, and comedy, but at its core, the book is a mystery, and a wonderful one at that. I was within 30 pages of the book's conclusion, and I still didn't know the identity of the "fang-banger" killer, targeting the women who date vampires in the small fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

I loved that the hero, vampire Bill, was such a southern gentleman with the heroine Sookie. And the "book" Bill seems more passionate and unable to control his urges than the "show" Bill, so I was very happy with that :) I will definitely read more from Ms. Charlaine Harris!