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Car Wash - Shawn Lane OOOoooh, this was so good! The aesthetics of reading off my pc has delayed my plunge into m/m e-books. But after reading Car Wash reviews from friends, and friends of friends *grin*, I couldn’t wait any longer and I’m glad I took the leap with this very HOT HOT HOT and sweet love story!

I was drawn in by page 2! Recently laid off from his office job, Kevin is just arriving to his job at the car wash. He's behind in rent, his creepy manager keeps leering at him, and he's counting on the days tips to provide him tomorrow's bus fare. When he had to turn down the offer to go in on some lunch with a co-worker, I just broke my heart. In spite of the weight loss Kevin's tough financial situation has caused, he's still absolutely gorgeous with black hair with red streaks (*I was so jealous!!*) and a tiny nose stud and ear hoop. He's got that sexy, funky thing going on - and I loved his edgy style.

I could completely relate to Kevin’s shock and embarrassment when he saw his childhood crush – Michael, the man he begged to take his virginity!- enter the car wash with a freakin’ Masarati. Ok, who hasn’t had that “Oh shit!” moment – when you run into that person that’s deeply affected you in some way, and it’s not definitely NOT how you wanted them to see you?

The connection between Kevin and Michael is immediate and undeniable. But as seeing Michael has resurfaced some old rejection wounds, Kevin tries to take the cool, reserved approach. But Kevin isn’t an underage teen anymore, and Michael likes what he sees, and he’s going to get his man! :)

Kevin and Michael were such a great couple with two different personalities that complemented one another really well! The sex was incredibly hot, and there was just the right mix of relationship development and erotic sexin’ :) If you’re like me, and have only read m/m as a side plot to a mainly m/f book, and you’re looking for you’re first m/m erotic romance, this would be an excellent choice. And if you’re already of fan of the genre, you’ve got another wonderful one to add to the batch! You will love this, too!