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Running with the Devil - Lorelei James *sigh* pc fail. time to re-write:

I'm LOVE bikes, period. If there's one on the road next to me, I instinctively whip my head around...whether I'm driving or not! :) But even if I wasn't a bike enthusiast, I would still love this book. Whew, this was fun!

Hot alpha DEA Agent March is trying to break up a potential new drug cartel. His connection to the big fish dealers in the bike world? Sexy geologist student Kenna Jones, who poses as arm candy for bikers with cash to spare during Sturgis's infamous annual bike rally. When someone wants to take Kenna out, she suddenly finds herself under the protection of Agent March. The attraction is hot and instant, and they don't waste a lot of time denying their feelings for one another. My only criticism? I lot of the heated action took place in the hotel room *someone trying to kill Kenna, remember?*, so I would have liked more variety. But, that scene outdoors on the Harley pretty much made up for that! :) The heat, the suspense, the bikes....the wild antics of Sturgis? This was a winner for me.