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Demon's Fire - Emma Holly I loved loved loved Prince Pahndir’s story!! This is the 3rd and final book in Emma Holly’s Demon World Series. We first meet Prince Pahndir in the previous book, “Prince of Ice”, which is Prince Cor’s story. Background about Prince Pahndir from Prince of Ice**spoilers if you haven’t read Prince of Ice!!**: you learn Prince Pahndir is a yama (aka demon). He’s extremely beautiful, long jet black hair and silver eyes, which is typical of yama. Outward expression of emotions is looked down upon among the yama race, who consider themselves to be superior to humans. Since Pahndir had a bit of a melt down after his wife’s suicide, his family faked his death and sold him to a madam who ran the Purple Crane, a training school for beautiful young men and women to become pillow girls/boys for royalty (think sexual courtesans). Yama are unique because they can only spill their seed during their heats, and only with their mates. Yama know when they’ve found their mate because their eyes will become jet black with lust. Pahndir was subjected to a lot of cruel treatment in “Prince of Ice” because the nasty madam that ran the Purple Crane would have her students arouse him, even during his crazed heat, but it was torturous for him since he could never – um, let go. Fast forward to the end of “Prince of Ice” and Pahndir has been rescued by Prince Cor and Buttercup, a former student of the Purple Crane school.

Prince Pahndir begins “Demon Fire” a free man, running a successful brothel called The Prince’s Flame in the exotic desert location Bhamjran. He spots two young humans, Beth and Charles, shopping in the market and he’s immediately attracted to them both. Beth and Charles are in town working on the archeological dig site of former Queen Tou. Beth and Charles have been friends for years, but there’s definitely an attraction between the two of them. Both are attracted to Prince Pahndir as well, but Charles has some issues owning up to his feelings.

Charles had a rough few years growing up and he worked at a seedy location where he had sex with men and allowed demons to feed off his energy. Charles enjoyed both acts immensely and wants to do it again, but he’s has some shame issues to overcome. When Charles learns that Pahndir has humans and yama working at his brothel, it’s not long before Charles winds up at the business. But it’s Prince Pahndir that Charles really wants.

Meanwhile Pahndir is also pursuing Beth, who’s more accepting of her body’s desires and a LOT easier to convince. You’ve got Beth giving in to Charles, Beth giving in to Pahndir and a love triangle where ALL the participants are attracted to and possibly falling in love with each other. The bedroom action was VERY SMOKIN’ HOT and well written. There’s a supernatural element involving a secret chamber of Queen Tou, and a possible possession. Also, Prince Pahndir’s family rears its ugly head again and the trio must deal with this threat as well.

Great read – definitely the BEST in Emma Holly’s Demon World Series. Prince Pahndir was my favorite character in Prince of Ice, which I read simply to get to this book. You can read Demon Fire without reading Prince of Ice, but you’ll have a better understanding of the suffering Prince Pahndir endured if you read the previous book. Demon Fire was excellent! Prince Pahndir is sweet, sexy, hot and powerful…all at once. Again, I loved this.