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Animal Attraction - Charlene Teglia I am jealous of this woman! This book was hot and a pleasure to read. I knew the heroine Chandra would sleep with the entire wolf pack by story’s conclusion, so I was worried about the book being filled with lots of sex and little emotion. But I had nothing to worry about – this was great!

Chandra was raised by adoptive parents and knows nothing about her true family background which happens to be wolf (shapeshifter). She doesn’t realize she’s about to go through the “change”, the maturity point at which her body will allow her to shift freely from human to wolf form. The book jumps right in as Chandra meets the sexy & mysterious Zack while working her sales clerk job in a leather store. She’s very apprehensive, but senses some danger and excitement while around Zack. Later that night, she wakes up to find another gorgeous man, which she’ll later learn is named David, holding her down in her bed! One of the hottest kisses in her life follows ;) Zack is the pack’s current alpha while David is the mostly warier type, with a military background to match. Both men are extremely drawn to Chandra, but David is more closed off and not at all interested in being the new alpha. (of course, I loved him best – it’s always the ones you can’t have!)

Female wolves are extremely rare, and the pack knows Chandra is their queen. She’s a danger to herself until she goes through the “change”, so with some encouragement, Chandra is taken back to wolf headquarters, which is an beautiful lush mansion with plenty of surrounding forest for the wolves to run through. Chandra basically has to participate in a one night orgy on the upcoming full moon and chose her mate, who will be the new pack King/Alpha. Since Chandra is going to be in a crazy heat, she’s concerned that the mate she chooses will be more of a biological decision and not one of her heart. Zack and David try to reassure her that it’s truly a choice of love and the heart, and all members of the pack must have an opportunity to mark her and see if they’re her mate.

What follows is one very hot night and one VERY tough decision. It’s mostly Zack and/or David you’ll be rooting for, and just like Chandra, you’ll be torn. Even when she’s with the other wolves, they’re watching and they’re still connected. There were tons of great characters in the pack, and the encounters with the others was very hot and enjoyable, too. A funny moment for me was when Zack is talking to Chandra about what HE wants from her when DAVID takes her…I’m like, “Dude, step off! You already had your chance solo!!” :D Obviously, I was a big David fan :) I want to say more about things that happened that make you gush for these two unique guys, but I don’t want to give away too much.

There’s also a smaller side plot with rogue wolves and panthers, but let’s be clear, this is definitely erotic romance through and through, and an excellent one at that.