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Twin Fantasies - Opal Carew Accidently clicked on a GR link while finishing up this review – so I clicked “back” button and review is gone! I’m finally done cursing, screaming and slapping my couch cushion, so here I go…again.

I enjoyed it, but I liked Carew’s previous books “Swing” and “Blush” much better. No scene here could compare with the hotness of Swing’s dungeon scene or that memorable door scene in Blush.

I took major issue with Ryan, Jenna’s fiancé. Before Jenna accidently sleeps with his twin brother Jake, whom she’s never met and actually thinks is just Ryan playing out her “sex with a stranger” fantasy, Jenna has been in a relationship with Ryan for nearly a year. Ryan has neglected Jenna, not giving her enough of his time or satisfying her sexually. And he had the lamest excuse, too – something about, “oh, if I REALLY give in to my crazy intense desire for Jenna, I’ll just get lost in it and it will be overwhelming and completely take over!” He doesn’t tell HER this. No, he just keeps this to himself, so Jenna doesn’t actually know if he really loves her due to his lack of attention.

The guy I really liked was his twin, Jake. Jake was adventurous, fun, attentive and sexy as hell. When Jenna moved in with Jake, to give a relationship with him a try, I was ecstatic! But then about a week into it *guessing, I read this a week ago*, Ryan moves in, too, and I was so disappointed. I wanted Ryan out of the picture. I didn’t think the chemistry was as strong with Ryan and Jenna, and I didn’t think he deserved her. This book ends as a HEA ménage, and I would have preferred no ménage and just Jenna and Jake.

On the plus side, the humor in the beginning was great, especially during those post-coital conversations with Jenna and Jake, before she realized he wasn’t Ryan. I’m still a Carew fan, just didn’t like this book as much as the others I’ve read.