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Slave To Love - Nikita Black I am ruined. Absolutely ruined! Hands down one of the best, hottest well-written thriller eroticas I have ever read. Slave to Love was just incredible!!! If anyone has read this and can recommend something similar, please send a rec my way :)

The heroine Caro went from a cop on the traffic beat, to working the hooker/john rotation, to now a homicide case with the sexy, seemingly unattainable Detective Mick. The fatal attraction feel, the escalating sex, the sexual serial killer who may or may not be Detective Mick....

You will be aroused, you will be on the edge of your seat, you will be guessing left and right...Seriously, top 5 erotica ever! This made the cut :) WARNING: like another Nikita Black book, "Cajun Hot", this book also plays with the rape fantasy...there's also sex with an audience, bondage, etc.

I delayed buying this for damn near 6 months. I kept putting it off, thinking it too pricey. It was never available at my local half price bookstore, so I had to pay retail from Amazon. It was worth every penny. And Nikita Black signed this book, as well as another one I bought. I think she signs all the books sold on Amazon - it's a sweet gesture this new fan appreciates :)