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Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy Wow, I'm usually an alpha girl all the way, but Elec was one of the sweetest, hottest beta heroes I've ever had the pleasure of reading. This book is so fantastic - it's for everyone, especially anyone who may have something they're self conscious about, which I'm sure every woman does.

Tamera is a 32 year old widow of a race car driver. She meets gorgeous rookie driver Elec at a party and sparks fly instantly! He's the big pursuer here, and I loved it :) He's almost 26, but very mature and a complete sexy sweetheart, but he knows how to ask for what he wants in the bedroom ;) She is so reluctant - she's self conscious about the age gape, her stretch marks, that certain area of her tummy---oh yes, and there's the possibility of falling in love with yet another man who could lose his life on the tracks leaving her a widow again. Also, Tamera's late husband's father and Elec's father are old racing enemies over a bitter feud. But love can't be denied, and Elec's gentle but persistent moves have Tamera falling head of heels. Oh, and when you read about how Elec is with her children, you will just melt!

To top it all off, the side characters rocked! Tamera's spunky best friend Susie has some chemistry and unfinished business with her ex-husband (hope they get a book, too!)...and we get a bonus preview of the next book with Imogen and Ty at the end (whom you'll meet here). This was worth every penny - a keeper no doubt! I will be purchasing the next book in this series the first day it's out, Enjoy!! :)